Soniccharge Permut8 – Two New Firmwares For A Fun Xmas

Back in 2012, our Soniccharge Permut8 review couldn’t have been more positive: ‘The overall sound quality is very distinctive – a gritty, dirty digital crush that permeates the sound. It really sounds awesome, and adds a LOT of character and life to loops, beats, and other tracks.’

Today Soniccharge announced the release of two extra firmwares for Permut8, available for free to registered users. Here’s a video that shows them in action.
It doesn’t happen often to see new features added to a (relatively) old plugin, and that’s one of the reasons why we love a company like Soniccharge.

In their own words:

We simply can’t resist churning out Permut8 firmwares because they are so easy and fun to make. The last two additions are called Flakes and FooBar and they complete a trilogy of pattern-oriented effects that started with Trancelvania (released on Halloween).

Now, if only Permut8 was also available as iOS app…

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