Cableguys Updates & Special Deals

Cableguys is a German company that has been delivering software plugins of great quality and depth since 2007 – please reference our past reviews here on ANR: VolumeShaper 4, Filtershaper 3, Curve 2.
The developers got in touch with us to announce some relevant updates to their whole line, plus an interesting new offer.

Their plugins

Curve 2.6
Curve is a powerhouse software synth with versatile waveform editing, complex modulation options, and an immense sound library.


Splice Rent-to-Own

FilterShaper 3.3
FilterShaper contains two powerful filters along with freely editable modulation curves and a flexible modulation framework.


VolumeShaper 4.1
VolumeShaper allows precise sample-shaping with tempo-synced multiband sidechain compression effects to precise stutter-gating.


MidiShaper 1.5
MidiShaper outputs custom envelopes and LFO’s via its sophisticated modulations matrix as MIDI CC messages such as pitch, modwheel, aftertouch, which can be sent to synths or effects.


PanCake 2.3
This free pan modulation plugin can affect normal to insane tempo-synced or free stereo pan modulation.


Significant Workflow Enhancements and UI Improvements
These are free updates for owners of these products. Cableguys have added a new step-drawing tool (not unlike Ableton Live’s [Ctrl/Cmd+B] draw tool for automation), which excels for drawing melodies and gate-like effects.

Splice Sounds

The waveform area is now resizable.

A running light now indicates the position of the audio for FilterShaper and VolumeShaper and PanCake.

Waveform points have increased visibility and buttons are now larger and more responsive.

MidiShaper 1.5 has received the biggest update since its initial 1.0 release – it now has a beautiful and elegant dark skin that is much easier on the eyes.

These updates are indicative of Cableguys always pushing the envelope; these enhancements effectively keep their software at the forefront of contemporary plugin sophistication and design, a delight to use!

Now 20% Off!

Until December 27, you can get the Cableguys Bundle at a 20% discount, for as low as €119 / $159! (Reg. €149 / $199).

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