Skoove – Interactive Piano Lessons In Your Browser

You’ve always wanted to learn the piano, but for a reason or another you never did? Well, you may have a new chance now, thanks to Skoove and your browser.
Skoove is a new Berlin-based music learning platform (co-founded by Florian Plenge, ex Native Instruments, and Stephan Schulz (ex Raumfeld), offering “the world’s first interactive piano lessons”.

Honestly, I’m not sure the marketing claim is 100% correct (we’ve seen similar ideas coming and going in the past few years), but considering the team behind it (and Microsoft Acceleration program support) Skoove looks like it has a few cards up its sleeve and may shake things up in the industry.

How does it work?
Skoove works by connecting a MIDI keyboard or e-piano to a computer, delivering its lessons via the most popular web browsers. The app gives beginner and refresher pianists real-time feedback, listening and adapting to their pace as they progress.

As stated in Skoove’s FAQ, it is not possible (yet) to use an acoustic piano, you’ll have to connect your MIDI keyboard. Also, you’ll need a computer with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. There’s no mobile app yet.

Skoove’s courses incorporate popular music favorites and also games to teach music theory and note reading. Skoove’s “Listen Learn Play” technique breaks down popular songs into easily digestible parts.

“Skoove is disrupting the music learning market by combining the best elements of a live tutor with the ease and convenience of a web browser,” commented Dr Florian Plenge, Skoove cofounder and CEO.

Users sign up through the official homepage, and can then access their unique profiles, which store their course progress, via the app.


Skoove offers both Free and Premium tiers. Premium is priced at £6.95 per month in the UK, €9.95 in Europe, and $9.95 + VAT in the USA, and gives users full access to all courses, while adding new lessons every month.
Skoove Basic, the free tier, allows users to sample a few lessons in each course. Lessons are available in English and German.

Skoove is available for signup from today, and I’m going to put it through its paces in the next few weeks (who knows, my basic piano skills may finally improve!). Stay tuned, we’ll have more on Skoove soon.

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