Octave – The New Soundcloud For Artists & Labels?

Octave is a new audio hosting service for professionals, based in US and designed to let you store, embed, play, and share your sound.

Does it sound like Soundcloud? Well, yes, but made right (without ads, timeline comments, spam, DJ mixes, mash-ups, etc.).
Also, Octave is not a social network and doesn’t try to be one. Consider it a professional, hassle-free tool to host your own tracks and share them with your collaborators, fans, journalists, labels, etc.

Main features
– Speed
Based on Amazon servers, promises fast and hassle-free uploads and basically immediate encoding.

– Unlimited
Unlimited uploads and storage of your tracks, Unlimited albums. Unlimited shares. Unlimited plays. What’s not to like?

– Easy share
Share privately (also time-limited files) or with your fans. The service provides cards for all the major social media networks.

– Album
You can collect any public tracks into an album (with its own artwork), and they’ll live together in the timeline on your artist page, or in an embedded player

– Stats
Who listened to what and where? Octave provides all the info you need about your tracks.

– Dropbox and Google Drive integration
For an easy backup of your tracks,

$20/month for artists (or $200/year). Based upon usage for labels (get in touch to know more).
Octave offers a two weeks test drive. Try and let us know how you like it.

Given the recent (and not so recent) issues that Soundcloud is facing, Octave could be the right thing at the right moment.
We’ll keep an eye on this new service, stay tuned.

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