Soundtoys Plugins Version 5 – Mission Workflow

If you’ve followed us through the years, you’ll know that at ANR we’re big fans (and we don’t use this word often) of Soundtoys.
So we’re happy to announce that they have just released the new version of their suite of plugins.

The suite now includes all 18 Soundtoys plug-ins (Primal Tap and Little Alter Boy too).

Splice Rent-to-Own

The keyword for this new version is workflow, workflow, workflow…

Effect Rack
Thanks to the new Effect Rack you can build your own custom effect chains and, thanks to the global controls, treat the whole rack as a single plug-in.
If you enjoy complex routing, this feature will make your life much easier.

Plus, the Effect Rack comes with a good amount of presets that can be a great starting point (these guys are usually awesome when it comes to designing presets, so my expectations here are high!).

Here’s a video from last year, with Mitch from Soundtoys introducing some of the new features.

Splice Sounds

Tweaking made easy
While it was already possible to fine tune Soundtoys plugins in the past, now it’s easier than ever thanks to a redesign of their Tweak panel.
I’ve never really enjoyed the way this feature worked in the past, and I think this will make the plugins even more enjoyable than they were.

Software auth
You’ve always wanted to get Soundtoys plugins, but the iLok key is a dealbreaker? Well, they heard you. The authorization method now allows both hardware and software options, so old users can keep using their iLok key, while those who would rather spare a USB port can opt for software authorization.

Price and trial
The regular price for this collection is $499. They also offer special deals for students. The upgrade price may vary, depending on your previous purchases.
We’ll cover Soundtoys 5 more extensively soon. In the meantime, I’d recommend getting a free 30-day trial version and tweak the hell out of it…

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