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Teufel Airy
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Excellent build quality, pleasing minimalist flair, great battery life and a well-balanced sound. What’s not to like?

Splice Rent-to-Own

– Linear sound
– Features and battery life
– Light yet sturdy

– Some glitches with my Android smartphone (but it’s a well known Android Bluetooth bug)

I love listening to music, I love playing music, but I hate cables & wires. Sound familiar?
If you’re like me, and you’re often struggling with tangling headphones cables, you may find these new Bluetooth headphones from Teufel extremely attractive.

Welcome Teufel Airy
The Teufel Airy come in a stylish box that would also look great on your Pinterest, weigh only 150 g and boast a Bluetooth 4.0 (plus regular audio cable) connection.

Quality headphones to use with my iPad while playing music? Check. With my smartphone when walking around town? Check. To watch a movie on the couch and not bother anyone? Check.

At a glance
– Bluetooth 4.0 for CD-quality wireless transmission plus NFC compatible
– Light, robust and washable silicone headband
– Soft and washable earpieces in faux leather
– High-capacity battery (they say up to 20 hours at medium volume, and even if I haven’t kept track of the time, I think it’s pretty much right)
– Quick charge via USB standard cable (included). In my experience no more than 1h, 1h and half for a full charge.
– Integrated mic for phone use (as well as VOIP apps like Skype, Facetime, etc.)


In use
It’s hard to find weak points in the Teufel Airy. These are premium Bluetooth headphones, and Teufel didn’t skimp on the details – excellent build quality, pleasing minimalist flair, great battery life and a well-balanced sound.

I’ve tested them making music wirelessly on the iPad (what a relief!), playing a broad range of recordings (from Plaid to Marisa Monte, from Chet Baker to FKA Twigs, etc.).

Splice Sounds

The sound always felt natural and detailed (no hyped bass frequencies, thankfully!).

The Teufel Airy offer a good isolation (I wouldn’t want more than that while I’m outside!). The handsfree feature is a nice bonus. I have tested it with both Skype and Google Now/Siri and it worked as expected.

While the Airy have performed flawlessly with my Mac and my iPad, I’ve experienced some random glitches while using Google Play Music on my Nexus 4. It’s a known Android Bluetooth bug, and while annoying it’s not really a deal breaker.


If you’re looking for some quality Bluetooth headphones and you live in Europe, I’d recommend giving the Teufel Airy a try.
You won’t find them in your favorite shop, though. The Berlin-based company (well known among HiFi and home cinema fans) has a peculiar business model – no distributors; you’ll have to buy online directly from them.

This ‘no middlemen’ approach makes for an excellent price-to-performance value. Also, Teufel offers a very generous 8-week trial. What’s not to like?

£119.99 / 149.99 EUR

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