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The guys at IK Multimedia got in touch with us to announce the release of AmpliTube 4, the ultra-classic guitar & bass tone software emulation, now available for pre-order at a special price.

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Amplitube 4 can be considered a major upgrade, thanks to new features like

*A new speaker cabinet section
*New speaker modelling,
*5 new British amplifiers,
*A new acoustic simulator pedal,
*An additional “effects loop” slot between the preamp and power amp sections,
*A built-in 8-track DAW
*An ultra-precise tuner,
*An intuitive looper section

Cab room and 3D mics
The cab room and the 3D mic placement will appeal to the customization freak in you. Expect a whole new level of flexibility.
The cab room is a 3D speaker cabinet recording space that can be changed depending upon the desired “room” type and effect. Players can choose from a range of room types – from a cavernous “garage” to a full-on cabinet “dead” room – and mix the room effect and colour into the overall sound.
If that wasn’t enough, now you can mike your cabinets with up to two microphones in a full 3D space, choosing from 18 highly coveted recording microphone models available in AmpliTube Custom Shop.

Individual speaker modelling
AmpliTube 4 now sports individual speaker modelling. This lets players swap out individual speakers in their favourite cabinets at will, allowing for creative speaker combinations. The AmpliTube 4 speaker cabinet section not only accurately reproduces the tonal characteristics of the individual speakers, but it also accurately picks up the harmonic interactions between the individual speaker models, the cabinet construction and the room, making it the most realistic speaker cabinet emulation available. AmpliTube 4 comes with 29 individual vintage and modern speaker models ranging from classic British to modern American and everything in between.

New hyper-realistic gear
Not fond of the “harshness” found in the upper frequencies of other amp modelling software? Amplitube 4 promises a new technology that delivers a new level of sonic accuracy. Also, AmpliTube 4 welcomes five new classic amplifier models to the mix that represent some of the best British tones from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Each amplifier has been modelled from scratch to embody a different aspect of powerfully classic British amplifier design: There’s the Brit 8000, Brit 9000, Red Pig, Brit Silver and Brit Valve-Pre.

Acoustic simulator
I’m very curious about this feature. The new “Acoustic Sim” model pedal turns the electric guitar into a “hyper-realistic acoustic”. Players can choose and blend between different three acoustic body styles and three types of top material to sound like a range of different acoustic guitars.

Splice Sounds

8-Track Recorder/DAW
When used in standalone mode, AmpliTube 4 now features a built-in 8-track DAW. Its powerful sequencer-like waveform editing should be immediately familiar to any modern musician, making it easy for anyone to use it as a sketchpad for new ideas or as a full-featured recording solution on its own.

4-Track looper
Rounding out AmpliTube 4’s new feature set is a MIDI-controllable 4-track looper. Dubbed the Super Looper, it’s an intuitive and full-featured 4-track looper that musicians can use to lay down multi-part backing tracks with speed and ease, and then practise leads, chords and melodies over the top.

Custom Shop
AmpliTube 4 comes with the built-in Custom Shop gear store feature that allows guitarists to add gear to their collections any time a-la-carte or in collections. Add models from Fender™, MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano™, Groove Tubes®, Gallien-Krueger®, Jet City Amplification™, THD® and T-Rex®, Fulltone®, Z.Vex®, Carvin®, Morley®, Wampler Pedals®, Dr. Z®, ENGL® and more. In addition to these well-recognized brands, there’s also signature gear from artists like Slash and Jimi Hendrix. AmpliTube 4 can also be expanded with legacy gear from previous versions of AmpliTube via the Custom Shop. Owners of previous versions can restore all purchases and gear with the “restore my gear” feature in the Custom Shop. All told, there’s over 290 pieces of professional-grade gear now available for trial and purchase in the AmpliTube Custom Shop! Gear released before AmpliTube 4 can be purchased individually or as bundles in either currency ($ or €) or in Custom Shop Gear Credits.

Pricing and availability
AmpliTube 4 is currently available for pre-order at a special limited-time price of $/€99.99* or 100 Gear Credits to everyone (users of AmpliTube 3, AmpliTube CS, AmpliTube collections and new users). AmpliTube 4 will be available in October via the IK online store and select music instrument retailers at a price of $/€149.99* and just 150 Gear Credits from the AmpliTube Custom Shop. A free version is also available here.

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