Learn Reaktor 6 at Kadenze & Get College Credit

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A few months ago we have introduced Kadenze, a new learning platform specializing in the arts and creative technology.

Today Kadenze is launching a new course, dedicated to Reaktor 6. This is actually the first and only course about synthesis and signal processing through Reaktor 6 that students can take for real­world college credit. How cool is that?

The guys from Kadenze told us that “this course (normally offered at California Institute of the Arts) has been optimized for online learning and re­designed around the new version of the software. It will be the first time we are presenting a topic like signal processing (usually found in electrical engineering curriculums), but packaging it in a fun and creative context – creating custom sounds using Native Instrument’s Reaktor 6”.

As for other Kadenze courses, all students will be able to watch the weekly lecture videos and participate in the forum discussions free of charge on Kadenze’s website.

Students looking for a more hands­on approach can sign up for Kadenze Premium Membership (a $7/month subscription based service) allowing them to submit assignments and receive feedback, create a personalized portfolio to display their work, and receive a discount on the Reaktor 6 software.

Students can even take “Sound Synthesis Using Reaktor” for credit and receive transferable college credit at the California Institute of the Arts upon the successful completion of the course, further distinguishing it from competing online tutorials.

For further info, please visit the Reaktor course web page. We’ll have more on Kadenze soon, stay tuned.

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