Welcome KORG Minilogue – Poly Analog For The Masses

KORG Minilogue is out
UPDATE: check out our KORG Minilogue review!

Some months ago we reported that KORG had registered a new trademark, KORG Minilogue.

At the beginning it wasn’t clear if this would be a new VA synth (like the recent Roland Boutique line or the Yamaha Reface one) or an actual mini analog synth.

Well, it turns out it’s a real analog polyphonic synth, with a VERY attractive price point.

Here’s all you should know the KORG Minilogue, at a glance:

– It’s a four-voice analog synthesizer

– 37 keys (mini, but not that mini, I would say Arp Odyssey reissue-like)

– Price/Availability: $499/£435/€599, starting from next week (in the US, in March for EU)

– It has a 16-step polyphonic note with motion sequencer (that brings back memories of the good old KORG MS2000!), arpeggiator, and delay.

– It has two oscillators, noise, a filter with two options for filter slope, dual ADSR envelopes, an LFO and amplifier.

– Voice Mode: the four available voices can be configured in different ways, from Polyphonic to Duophonic, and Unison to one note Chords, plus more.

– Presets: it comes with 100 factory presets + 100 user presets

– Display: a (tiny but helpful) OLED display with a real-time oscilloscope and sound parameters

– Assignable pitch stick (besides the usual pitch control, it can also be used to control filter, etc.)

– Design: It has an aluminum face panel and a wood back panel (because analog sounds better with wood, don’t you know?)

– Connections: it features MIDI, USB MIDI, and Audio Sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with SQ1, volca, electribe, and more

korg minilogue back

Here’s a quite extensive video walkthrough of the new KORG Minilogue:

Here you can see the KORG Minilogue in action with some really cool retro sounds:

Considering the relatively few – and considerably more expensive – analog polyphonic synthesizers on the market (DSI, Elektron, Modal, Oberheim, am I missing something?) the KORG Minilogue could be a welcome addition to any musician’s setup and possibly the first one-knob-per-function synth for many of them.

Also, if you loved the KORG Volca Keys and wished it to be an actual poly synth with proper controls, you may love the Minilogue!

We’re looking forward to taking the KORG Minilogue for a spin soon! Stay tuned…

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