Ableton Presents BeatSeeker – Sync Made Easy

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Drummers, bands and electronic producers rejoice! Your sync nightmares may be over!
Ableton has just released BeatSeeker, a new responsive Max for Live device that adapts Live’s tempo to stay in time with a drummer or other rhythmic audio.
Finally, bands can maintain their natural groove when performing with Live. BeatSeeker works by detecting the BPM of any rhythmic audio signal and matching Live to its tempo.

As we said, Beatseeker is not just for drummers. It can also be used by electronic performers and DJs to sync Live with turntables, or with any other rhythmic or percussive signal.

The device has been developed by Andrew Robertson, based on research at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London.
We’ll have more on this soon, stay tuned!

You can buy the device here for $29/24 EUR.

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