Performing with Push: Ever-Ready Riser (Stock Options, Part 4)

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Continuing the tutorial series on using Push for live performance (see part 1, part 2, part 3) in Live’s most stage-reliable workflow – stock settings, without Max4Live or extra scripting – ANR brings you…

Ever-Ready-Riser (Operator)

Splice Rent-to-Own

This is a short&sweet tutorial that demonstrates a one-knob effect. The goal is to make a tonal riser that is responsive to the performer using only one controller knob. This tip is especially useful for the SongInaClip technique explored in previous tutorials, but is not dependent on it. Simply, turning the knob anytime during playback from 0% to 100% outputs a tonal riser that increases in intensity over 5%-95%, but is silent from 0%-4% and 96%-100%. The work is done in the setup so that performance is one-hand expression. Here’s the setup.

White-noise risers rely on a changing filter effect to create the woosh for that exciting tension cue, signalling a change in the music. We will use filtering, but we can use virtual instruments to create unique tonal risers by varying the pitch to increase the intensity. We’ll use a pitch range of one octave (12 semitones) in Operator by mapping the Pitch Envelope Amount knob after setting the Pitch Envelope Sustain to 12 st. Make sure that the macro range is restricted from 0% to 100% (not -100% to +100%) the pitch module is turned on by clicking that box, the color change shows the module is active. Test it by playing a sustained note and turning the knob.

Now for the filtering. Map the Freq knob and the Res knob to the same macro used for pitch amount, after turning on the Filter section and choosing a High [pass] filter. Try 250Hz minimum range and 5kHz maximum range on that macro restriction.

ANR exclusive tip: the extra dimension of this knob expression. As it is right now, the knob position maps 1-1 with output effect. What we want is to have the output respond to both the position of the knob and the knob speed. This can be done by using a Simple Delay audio effect set to Repitch mode and modulating the delay time. Map the delay time to the knob with a minimum 250 ms and maximum 1ms.

Splice Sounds

Ever ready riser screenshotThat was the sound design component, the next part deals with the logistics of the sound. Use an audio effect rack to attenuate the output of the riser by mapping the chain selector to the knob. Adjust the Zone so no sound passes through below 5 and above 124. Slope the Zone so there is a gradual increase of volume as the Chain Selector moves from left to right. Create a clip in session view and input a midi note in the key of your track. Make the clip repeat indefinitely.


Watch this video for advanced tips for a better Ever-Ready-Riser.

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