If You’Ve Always Craved That Lexicon Sound, This Could Be The Right Time – 50% Off!

If you’ve always craved that smooth Lexicon sound, but the original hardware and the plugins released a few years ago were always ‘out of reach’, well this could be be the right time.
Lexicon has announced an intriguing offer, for a limited time you can get 50% off the standard price of any Lexicon plug-in (digital download only).
The promotion is available only through the online Lexicon store. It ends on June 30th, 2015 and it’s valid for both existing and new customers.


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As you may already know, Lexicon’s plugins include the PCM Reverb Bundle (probably the most sought-after product), PCM Effects Bundle, LPX Reverb Bundle and MPX Reverb Bundle. The two PCM bundles are also available in the PCM Total Bundle. If you love Lexicon reverbs and can afford only one of these, I’d suggest getting the the PCM Reverb Bundle – its Hall and Plates are simply superb. If your budget allows, I’d go with the PCM Total Bundle. Some of the extra effects, like the Resonant Chord, can add an interesting touch to your tracks.

Note: Lexicon plugins require an iLok 2. As often stated, I’m not a fan of this protection system BUT (touching wood!) I have to say that so far I never had a problem with my iLoks (v.1 and then v.2).

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