Learn Your Music Tools With Groove3 – 30 Days Free Full Access

Here at ANR we enjoy covering new software and hardware tools, but what about mastering the ones we have? Modern DAWs, for instance, are incredibly powerful, but many of their features are often underutilized (if not totally unknown).
True, there’s many free resources available here and there, but when it comes to music making and learning production techniques, having the help of industry professionals is often invaluable.

That’s why we’re happy to announce a partnership with Groove3.com, a premier online Pro Audio tutorial provider, offering high-quality videos about today’s DAWs, plug-ins, recording, production, mixing, and mastering techniques.
They feature certified trainers and pros who love to share their knowledge and skills, inspiring you to use your studio tools more efficiently and creatively.
Groove3.com also features the All-Access Web Pass, which gives you instant access to every video on the site, plus any that get added during your membership, starting at a low price of only $15.

Run, don’t walk!
Click here to get 30 days of FULL access to Groove3 site (no credit card required to sign up)!
Code: anr30day

Note: this coupon code only works for new users. The link expires on May 13th, don’t miss this great chance.

Promotion expired!

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