Round Up Loops & Samples – We Sink: Future RnB 2, The Islandz, PnD

We Sink: Future RnB 2

If you’re into hypey synths, trappy drums, and syncopated rhythms, this sample pack is for you.
Basses range from synthy to 808-style. Many of the synthy basses are moderately creative in their sound design. Drum loops are generally very creative, and I personally love many of the kicks for their uniqueness. They didn’t phone it in on the claps, snares, or percussion in these loops either, all are pretty creative and groove quite well overall.
The music loops (generally synth chords or melodies, or both combined) are generally quite nice as well – some of the plucky and flutey sounding progressions are my favorite.
Some of the leads are quite good with respect to sound design and melody, others less so. The pad loops are all beautifully smooth and have a lot of movement.
All samples are tempo and key labeled where applicable. Many of the one shots are also included in sampler instrument formats, including Ableton Sampler, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, MachFive, NNXT and SFZ formats.

Splice Rent-to-Own

197 Loops
80 One Shots
Midi Clips

Size: 701.7 MB (unzipped)

Price: $51.38

The Islandz
NICE The Creative Group


The Islandz sample pack is a beautiful amalgamation of ambient, R&B, Jazz and Reggae. Percussion-wise, most samples fall fairly in the R&B and J Cole style, in the best of ways – kicks hit hard but are still organic and natural sounding, snares are all attractively acoustic, and the conga loops simply groove.
One or two of the construction kits boast some fantastic horn sections with very convincing hooks. The reggae guitar skanks sound great in and of themselves – perfect for any reggae pop productions. However, melodically and harmonically, the pack is overall fairly simplistic. Loops are fairly short as well, so the producer will have to add his own variation or do his own chopping.

5 Construction Kits

Size: 248.83MB (unzipped)

Price: $24.02

Splice Sounds



PnD is a highly professional, “radio-ready” Toronto-inspired sample pack from Cg3Audio. As with many of their other packs, you can hear a great deal of effort went into the mixing, and that analog hardware was used. Many of these construction kits have an impressive amount of tracks as well – four of the five kits provided boast over 20 track layers, really fleshing out the songs and giving a desirable, “well-produced” feel.
Hi-hats are smooth yet present, kicks are punchy as all get-out, and bass/808 sounds hit hard even on small speakers. Synth and pad sounds are similarly well-equalized with a sound design philosophy I would call “creative enough”, certainly good enough for any pop production.

5 Construction Kits
102 WAVs

Size: 996 MB (unzipped)

Price: $25.53

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