Round-up: Loops & Samples – Reflect, Trapadeus, Ethnoscapes & Drones

ModeAudio – Reflect

ModeAudio’s Reflect embraces an enchantingly cold and tremulous vibe. This is a great pack for Tycho and Bonobo fans, and the synth sound design is incredible.

All of the bassline loops have great design and a nice low-end. The chord loops’ pads manage to be both plush and dark at the same time and are quite creative with respect to their sound design (some very much reminiscent of some of Flume’s pads). The drums have a great indie-electronic, IDM-feel. Even the “Other” and “SFX” and “Drone” categories offer plenty of rich content to spice up the background ambiances of productions. If you’re into making indie-electronic/dance, this sample pack will be a key asset to your sample arsenal.


  • 120 Loops (Drums, Percussion, Bass, Synth Leads, Pads, Textures, Drones & SFX)
  • 43 WAV Drum Samples (Kick, Snares, Hi Hats & Percussion)36 MIDI Loops (Key-Labeled)
  • Refill: 12 Combinator Presets (Construction Kits), 12 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • Ableton Live pack: 1 Demo Live Project (Containing Pre-Loaded Clips)

Size: 296MB (unzipped)

Price: $24.00

Cg3Audio_Trapadeus_640Cg3Audio – Trapadeus

Cg3 Audio is one of the current forerunning producers of high-quality, professional trap samples and loops. It’s no surprise that this label is selling beats to the likes of 2Chainz and B.O.B. – they sound truly radio-ready.

This pack contains some of the best sounding distorted 808/bass sounds I have heard in a sample pack to date. The kicks are punchy and appropriately dark as well. Hi-hats cut through the mix but in a smooth, non-harsh, ear-pleasing manner, and the claps and snares are a modern take on classic drum machine trap sounds. You can hear that analog outboard gear was used in the mixing of these kits (such as Avalon, Rupert Neve, Eventide and Manley to name a few).

The blending of classical music melodies with trap makes for an interesting combination as well. Beethoven and Mozart are considered to be “the greats” for a reason – and with this pack you have these brilliant melodies and countermelodies at your disposal. These classics are performed with well-mixed, crystalline-smooth modern trap synths. As all art is derivative, even if you don’t think you’ll want to use these melodies in their entirety, chopping, screwing, looping, and reversing these lead lines will be sure to give your trap heavy-hitter a unique Classical/Romantic period twist.


  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 130 WAV loops

Size: 1.1GB (unzipped)

Price: $25.54

Rast Sound – Ethnoscapes & Drones

This pack is one of the more rich and organic sample packs I have ever heard. Rast Sounds claims all the content used was sourced from audio recordings, and I believe them – these sounds are all dripping with an utterly lush and natural feel.

While I suppose it would technically fall in the categories of “ethnic” or “ambient”, I could see much of this content being used beautifully in the intros or breakdowns of almost any type of electronically produced music, some of these sounds remind me of the
introductions of some of Flume’s tracks.

Rast Sound has even added a Kontakt Instrument player which works great for both selecting the right sample and adding effects such as saturation, reverb, and even tuning. I especially like the randomize function on the tuner panel, it offers a natural pitch wobble that the user can select between oscillating over a few cents to a few semitones. Overall, Ethnoscapes and Drones, these samples are sure to add interest, depth, and a certain lovely organic lushness to your production, regardless of genre.


  • 45 WAV Soundscapes and Drones
  • Kontakt 5 Instrument with a user control panel

Size: 612MB (unzipped)

Price: $19.51

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