Get a FREE Looper for the Eventide H9!

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h9_fullThe sound-wizards at Eventide announced the immediate availability of a Looper algorithm for H9 users, free until the end of February, 2015.
On March 1st, it will be priced at $25. This powerful new Looper (see features below) is available for download through the H9 Control app available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Well, if you’re a lucky owner of an H9, get it NOW!

Here is a video demonstration

Splice Sounds
  • Reverse play and record with immediate reverse playback with real-time Varispeed control
  • Seamless Varispeed overdubbing and loop playback over a full range of speeds from 2x to pause to
  • Real-time, non-destructive, loop head and tail trimming
  • Auto beat-quantization of footswitch actions in Tempo Mode.
  • Tempo Mode maintains real-time intelligent beat sync even with speed changes or trimmed loop
  • MIDI clock sync to your drum machine or sequencer for locking your loop to the beat without drift

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