Sonic Joy Awards 2014: our best of the year

It’s that time of the year again, when we look back at the instruments and tools we loved over the last 12 months.
Needless to say, this list doesn’t want to be an exhaustive resource. It’s just our humble tribute to those companies and developers that work hard to bring us amazing products – and hopefully it’s also something that can help you choosing what to buy next (in that case, please use the links below – your support would be much appreciated, thanks!).

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VST Instruments

U-he Bazille (see our Bazille review)
“Bazille is an absolutely standout synth, and a hugely original and complex one”



Arturia Matrix 12V
As thick, retro-futuristic & ’80s analog-sounding as it gets. Not surprisingly, easier to program than the original one (and with lots of great presets!). Click here to buy.

U-he did it again!
U-he did it again!


VST Effects

Fabfilter Pro Q-2 (see our Pro Q-2 review)
“It excels as an all-in-one surgical mix and master tool”. Click here to buy

Brainworx Saturator V2 (see our Saturator V2 review)
“I’ve been blown away at how useful Saturator is at alternately bringing life, grit, edge, smoothness, and presence to tracks or mixes.”

Fab EQ indeed!


iOS Instruments

KORG Gadget (see our KORG Gadget review)
“Thanks to its variety, sounds and features, embodies the concept of ‘instant gratification tool’ probably like no other.” Get it here.


Olympia Noise Co. Ondes (now called Ribbons)
From the makers of a real iOS classic, Chordion, comes another extremely playable and somehow unique product. Ribbons it’s not an Ondes Martenot, but its smart features and its smooth interface make it an ideal “hauntology” instrument. Get it here.


If only these boxes where real....
If only these boxes were real….


iOS Effects

Holderness FX Bundle
Crystalline is their actual 2014 release that won us over (shiiiiimmmmmmeeerrrr), but when you can have all their juicy effects in a such an affordable bundle, that’s even sweeter! Get it here. FLUX:FX
Adrian Belew’s sound-mangling experience + great mobile design = a classy multi-fx app that raises the bar. Released at the end of the year, just in time for our award. Great timing, guys! Get it here.


B(e)lew us away!
B(e)lew us away!



iOS Controllers & Utilities

Audiobus 2
More than a simple update: presets support, multi-routing (as In App Purchase, but still definitely worthwhile), etc. Once again, an iOS must.

Touchable 3
3 is the perfect number? Yes, looking at the big improvements in terms of features and connectivity. Live + iPad users, rejoice! Get it here.

Because now you can!


Sample based instrumentsbest-Sample_Libraries

Spitfire Audio eDNA & Hans Zimmer Percussion
Two libraries from the same developer? Yes, we’ve tried hard but we couldn’t make up our mind this time. A unique smorgasbord of synthetic delights or a literally awesome-sounding percussion collection (that will shake your speakers as if you were in a theater)? I’ll have both, please.

Sound Dust Ghost Dulcitone 1900 (see our Ghost Dulcitone 1900 review)
“If you are looking for warm, organic, cinematic, and somehow unpredictable sounds, you are in the right place”


Ruckers 1628 (iOS)
TempoRubato (NLog, Nave, etc.) & Realsamples join forces to create the first top-quality mobile harpsichord on iPad (just 386 years after the original instrument was built). Get that Bach wig ready! Get it here.


KORG Module (iOS, see our KORG Module review)
“A godsend for those keyboard players looking for classic, quality sounds and a more streamlined (and why not, affordable) setup”. Get it here.


Tim Burton's imaginary instrument
Tim Burton’s imaginary instrument

Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo
Realtime UAD Processing? Check. Thunderbolt? Check. Sleek design? Check. If you’re are looking for a Thunderbolt audio interface and you’ve been wondering why everybody seem to love UAD’s old and new plugins, check this out!

Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO on Amazon US

Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO on Amazon DE

Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO on Amazon UK


From Bill Putnam to Thunderbolt

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