Soundtoys PrimalTap is coming, get ready!

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Some time ago Soundtoys introduced a new plug-in, the Little PrimalTap, inspired by a classic late seventies digital delay, the Prime Time.
The Little PrimalTap, as happened in the past with their Little Microshift, is basically a compact version of the upcoming PrimalTap plug-in, due to be released by the end of the year (available individually, and included in Soundtoys 5).
We loved Little PrimalTap’s retro, juicy and bold sound and, for those who missed it, this videos should be a tasty appetizer and provide a good answer to the question: why are we so impatient for the actual PrimalTap’s release and you should be too?

Enjoy Mitch from Soundtoys introducing and then “torturing” his little toy here…

and here…


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Soundtoys PrimalTap is coming, get ready!

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