Soundtoys MicroShift free. Get the code here!

Good news from Soundtoys, this time they’ve been so kind to offer a little but cool plug-in for free! The plug-in is called MicroShift and the name says it all: it adds “massive width, enormous depth, and huge thickness to vocals, guitars, synths, whatever. Emulating three of the most sought after micro pitch-shifting sounds from two of the all time classic pieces of gear that made the technique famous”.

We made it easy for you, just get the code below and enjoy your MicroShift! Last but not least, feel free to share this code on your Facebook page, Twitter or anywhere else. By sharing with your friends, you also get a chance to win a classic piece of gear that featured some of the early micro pitch-shifting sounds that inspired this plug-in: a classic hardware Eventide H3000 D/SE autographed by two of the original designers (that just so happen to work at SoundToys).
The top runners up will also get prizes like free SoundToys bundles, plug-ins, free upgrades to the BIG MicroShift, and cool SoundToys swag.

The code is: 391-9598-679 
The direct link to use it:

A free Soundtoys account is required, if you don’t have one already just sign up and then paste the URL above in your browser.

Enjoy and get us a beer next time!