Ultimate Dubstep Drums reviewed

New for 2012, established Loop creators Primeloops have released a new samplepack entitled ‘Ultimate Dubstep Drummer’. Primeloops are a long established loop creation company – and a bit of a creative machine, cranking out new packs almost every week it seems.

In this pack there’s almost 700mb of material, and like most of Primeloops samplepacks, they’re focused on one element of one genre at a time. This one is for killer drumbeats within the Dubstep genre. Available in all the common formats, they are divided into 6 folders that make up separate elements of a quality construction kit; 808/909 loops, live drums, Programmed machine, one shots, midi loops, and the loops fully mixed. There are just over 100 loops total, named after areas or streets in London.

Each of the folders compliments each other, so you can build loops quickly and effectively. Each folder has the same street/area in it, including the midi file, and one shots of the drum sounds. This gives you effectively complete control of the loops, and are able to really manipulate them how you want.

They’re all locked at 140Bpm, and they sound great! They’re pretty solid foundational beats for dubstep. The live drums are recorded and processed really nicely – huge sounding, with just the right amount of reverb. The loops all mix together nicely – not too much EQ’ing required to make really phat sounding rhythm. The overall sound of these loops cover the bases nicely from darker to warmer atmospheres. And of course, once you’ve created that number one hit – the loops are all 100% royalty free, so no hassles picking up your millions.

Here’s a weird little track that I wrote – not really dubsteppy apart from a small break in the middle. But all the drum loops you hear are from this pack.

P.S.Primeloops also has a New Year sale on: Most of their loops are 25% off. While already not being too expensive, they’re now letting you have these excellent sound palettes for the price of 2 nice lattes (¬£13.46). Check them out here.

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