Sausage Fattener: loudness war gets greasy

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The world doesn’t need more tools for the loudness war. True, but… who can say no to a good, greasy sausage (sorry vegetarians!)?
Welcome to Dada Life and their Sausage Fattener, a plug-in that, well, compresses, saturates and can get a nice sausage out of your bounced tracks.
The video below is one of my fav of the year so far…

The plug-in was actually developed by Tailored Noise, in collaboration with Dada Life (a team of Dj/producers), and it looks like more will follow. I hope they’ll keep on making funny videos like this one!
Dance and Electronic music producers may be the main target here, but even other users could find Sausage Fattener good for their tracks, why not? Just be careful when trying it on songs where you want to preserve the original dynamics.
Unfortunately no demo version (yet?). The plug-in is 29$, more or less like a very good homemade sausage.


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