Portable Vocal Booth review: less noise, more focus

Do you record vocals, small percussions, voice-overs or podcasts in your home studio? Well, there’s a good chance you may need a tool like Real Trap’s Portable Vocal Booth.

The Portable Vocal Booth gives you a better “controlled environment for recording vocals and spoken narration in acoustically hostile spaces”. I’ve tested one and I’m definitely pleased with the results.
The PVB is very easy to mount (quite light too: 5 kg – 11 pounds), even for someone not into D.I.Y like me (see the pictures on this page).
Do you have a cheap mic stand? No problem. In my test, it worked great and the PVB should fit any stand.

The PVB is much bigger than other similar tools you’ve probably seen in the past two-three years. The size matters in this case since you get a more effective rejection of unwanted noises and a more focused sound.
I’ve found the Portable Vocal Booth to be a very helpful tool for singer-songwriters as well as podcasters or even to record acoustic instruments like little percussions, especially in less than acoustically perfect rooms.
Don’t expect it to be magic, though. If you live on a noisy street and want to record your podcast or a quiet vocal track, you should consider other options.
For technical analysis, frequencies and such things you can find plenty of details on the product’s page.

For some readers the 299$ price tag may be high, but if you consider the Portable Vocal Booth’s value in the long run and if you want to improve your recording quality, I’d definitely consider getting one.
For European readers in the Euro area: shipping is not cheap (approx. 70$) but considering the dollar-euro exchange the total price is much lower than it seems at a first look.

299$ + shipping

…a very helpful tool for singer-songwriters as well as podcasters…

Product page


  • An effective tool
  • Very easy to mount


  • It’s not a magic wand if you’re recording in a very noisy environment


  • Not very cheap
  • The slideshow on the website is great, but it would be nice to get a printed version in the package

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