Vuvuzela filtering: how-to

! This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Latest update (this article is a sort of work-in-progress): if you own Waves plugs like the WNS Waves Noise Suppressor and the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer, well, good news for you. Waves has released a “precision-crafted a preset processing chain which drastically decreases Vuvuzela noise”. Go grab it here. If you’re looking for freeware solutions keep on reading…

Prosoniq has just announced “the world’s first realtime Vuvuzela filtering plug in based on sonicWORX’ audio de-mixing technology. VuvuX is a free AudioUnit plug in that suppresses the noise created by the South African trumpet called “Vuvuzela” in realtime without affecting the audio commentary or the stadium atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy a noise-free World Cup 2010″.
The free plug-in (Mac OS X Intel and PPC) can be downloaded here.

The idea for this article was inspired by a Prosoniq demo (see below) showing how SonicWORX can isolate the annoying vuvuzela sound. Then I’ve also started looking for other options (using for example our stock DAWs’ plug-ins).

Here’s an interesting article that shows a few EQ settings (Logic in this case,but you could use any other software with a decent eq) that may help filtering the vuvuzela in real-time (of course you need to connect your tv audio output to your DAW inputs).
The original text is in German, but I think it’s quite self-explanatory.

Another user, Elektrowolle, has created a “a small Ableton Live Set containing a filter for the main frequencies of the vuvuzela.”

P.s: SonicWORX is a very powerful tool (Mac OS X Intel only) that it’s worth checking out anyway. It is “specifically optimized to do vocal extraction and suppression it comes with all the tools you need to reverse engineer your favorite piece of music”. There’s a demo version available on the official web site.

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