Soundtoys Juice: analog channel preview

Expect more analog-inspired bytes from Soundtoys soon. They’re working on Juice, an analog channel plug-in (the interface shown here is just the first prototype). Juice is gonna be definitely subtler than its older brother, Decapitator.
In their words “…Our plan for Juice is to develop 4 to 6 entirely new input models based on console input channels and/or mic pres, running at normal to slightly driven levels (just the preamp part, not the EQ… yet.)”.
It will be interesting to compare Juice with the good old McDSP Analog Channel (ProTools only ’til now, it should be available to Au users in the next weeks, at last!).
Given Soundtoys’ reputation, expectations are definitely high. We’ll keep you updated. They’re known to be perfectionist though, you’ve been warned…

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