Patternarium: Darwin meets beats

It’s always good to hear from SonicCharge. This time they have announced a couple of interesting news for MicroTonic (µTonic) users (or potential users):

  • an online tool, called The MicroTonic Patternarium. It’s a (Flash based) collaborative patch randomizer. It “continuously generates new sounds and rhythms for MicroTonic through principles of evolution”. Basically each new pattern is the cross product of two other patterns picked at random. The patterns generated from Patternarium can e downloaded and loaded or copied in MicroTonic.Visitors “get to vote on whether rhythms should prosper and procreate or if they should die”. Read more here. Actually it would be nice to have such a feature somehow integrated in Microtonic, but Patternarium is a cool experiment anyway. Go ahead and vote!
  • a new version of MicroTonic will enter beta stage in the near future. Among other things,  it will support MIDI program change and drag’n’drop of patterns as MIDI files. The upgrade will be free for all registered users.

MicroTonic has a trial version, so if you’re still unaware of its great sound engine and you’d like to have some fun with Patternarium, you can download the demo here.

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