PolyKB is out

UPDATE: read our PolyKB review

Lately we’ve covered XILS-lab’s work in a couple of articles: a review of their VCS3 emulation, XILS 3 (by the way, they’re offering a special deal to ANR readers, 25% off the regular price, read more here) and an interview with its founder, Xavier Oudin.

As mentioned in the interview, a new product has just been added to the company’s catalogue. It’s called PolyKB, in their words “a recreation of a very rare, very powerful, polyphonic synthesizer released in the 80’s by the french company RSF. Because of the unique sounds, the RSF Kobol synthesizers were used by J.M Jarre, Hans Zimmer, Depeche Mode, Vince Clark, Vangelis, and many more. In true XILS-Labs fashion, the PolyKB is true to the original sound but with a very modern twist.
The PolyKB is a subtractive synthesizer based on two waveform morphing, aliasing free oscillators and a self oscillating 4 poles low pass filter.
The oscillators create a large part of the sound of this synthesizer. But along with the help of of very complete modulation section and the filter recreating a standard analog  chip of the 80’s, the PolyKB creates incredible sounds. Ranging from gorgeous bass to a warm slowly evolving pad, through aggressive leads and thin crystal keyboards along with a huge range of special effects.”

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