OhmStudio: let’s play together

We knew the OhmForce guys were crazy, but not THAT crazy.
They decided to enter one of the biggest, if not the biggest, today’s challenge in music making technology: a tool for real time music collaborations.

Their solution is called OhmStudio, and it’s, in their words, “a fully fledged DAW/sequencer, a standalone real time collaborative music making application for Windows and Mac, in addition to a web based collaboration platform and music driven online Cohmunity”. Actually, only a few details have been revealed, more info are coming in the next weeks/months.

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The software
So, there’s a DAW with most of the features you would expect (MIDI/audio editing, envelopes, a piano roll, audio effects, and support for VST virtual instruments), but the difference here is that OhmStudio lets you use these tools together with your collaborators.
How does it work? Ok, a few tech words from the Ohm guys “Using an audio core made from scratch, of course, an adaptive audio transfer protocol, a transactional document management engine, some Ohm-style interface innovation, an integrated web Cohmunity, server based projects and much more…”.

If you’re asking, no, OhmStudio won’t have all the features of Live, Logic, etc. According to the press release “however, the Ohm Studio has its own strengths and innovations in term of usability and ease of use”.
We’ll see what these strenghts and innovation are. Just guessing, OhmStudio could be a sort of social Garageband on steroids, and that’s not bad in my opinion. Most DAWs have even too many option we’ll never use. Limitations may improve creativity and make us work (and collaborate) faster.

The community
As said, OhmStudio is more than a suite of tools. Its social side is as important as the software counterpart. “When searching for music partners, you will now be able to search for musicians from around the world. Through the Ohm Studio Cohmunity you will discover collaborative projects that appeal to you and find new people with whom to make music, search- ing by style, mood, skill, city, country and more.
The Cohmunity is the place where all Ohm Studio users will gather to find partners to make music with, view others profiles, create groups with others, share ideas on the forums or post projects mixdowns.
Mixdowns can be posted on the group’s profile, as demos. It will be possible to access the Ohm Studio’s Cohmunity features from the application itself or from any web browser.”

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State of the art
Ableton Share is still vaporware, Logic Rocket was ahead of its time, Reaper features Ninjam but it seems its development is on standby since a long time, there are a few web collaboration-based services (like Indaba, etc, but it’s either Flash or Java, and both formats are a poor choice when it comes to pro music making).
We’ll see what OhmStudio will bring to the table (expected release: Q4 2010). By the way, if you want to be part of the beta program, register at www.ohmstudio.com.

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