Time to get Alchemy

The guys from Camel Audio are running a group buy, and it seems the time is right to add some “alchemic” sounds to your palette. The group buy is not limited to Alchemy, but since this synth is one of the best things around for sound-tweakers, I’d grab that one first (in short, if you love Absynth, Kima, Metasynth, you should have a look at Alchemy).

By the way, soundbanks are included in the group buy, so if for example you have NI’s Absynth, I’d recommend getting some (or maybe all, if you’re in the mood!) of the Camel Audio soundbanks created for this beautiful synth. Scroll down the products page to find the Biolabs and Starscape collections, they’re excellent and will keep you busy for months!

Here are the details:

“As widely requested by potential customers in our recent survey and in
view of the tough economic times, Camel Audio are pleased to announce the Camel Audio Group Buy opportunity.
Its already proving hugely popular – in less than 24 hours we have already
reached 40% discount! The price of Alchemy is currently $249 outside of
the Group Buy, but with a maximum discount of 50% you could end up paying just $125 for Alchemy, $43 for CamelSpace/CamelPhat or $29 for a soundbank.
Whether or not we reach the 50% level will depend on your efforts as well as ours to tell more people about this program.
You’d better hurry if you want to participate – the Group Buy will end on Monday, November 16th. To take part, simply visit this page and select the products you would like to purchase.”

Existing customers should be happy as well: “Due to the
exceptional success of the promotion so far, Alchemy users can already
look forward to receiving 1.7GB of additional samples including Choirs,
Basses, Keys and Synths.
Additional Alchemy bonuses include a sound bank of 90 presets from some
of the most requested sound designers in our survey, and 40+ minutes of
new video tutorials.
If you purchased Alchemy recently at full price, and despite the above
benefits you don’t feel happy, then please send us an email to
support@camelaudio.com and we’ll do our best to put a smile back on your
You can find out more on the Group Buy thread on KvR.”

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