Something new is cooking in u-he labs. We knew about the big modular project, called Berlin Modular, and we were shown its first prototype (called Bazille).
Since Berlin modular won’t be out before summer 2010, Urs is going to show us some of its potential with a smaller synth: ACE (Any Cable Everywhere, yes, that means this synth, like is bigger brother, is a patching heaven).
Then, once Berlin Modular is released any owner of Ace receives a voucher of the full price of Ace to be put towards Berlin Modular.

Here are the specs for ACE:

Splice Rent-to-Own

– 2 x LFO (1 sine, 1 sine/tri/saw/sqr) 0Hz – 20kHz
– 2 x ADSR (same as Bazille)
– 2 x VCO (saw/pwm) 0Hz – 20kHz, VCO1 with SubOsc
– 2 x VCF (almost same as Bazille, but only two outlets: LP1/LP2/LP3/LP4, HP/BP/BR)
– 2 x VCA/Pan
– 2 x Multiples (as in Bazille)
– 1 x Mixer (Osc balance, Sub, Noise, Aux)
– 1 x Ramp Generator (up->hold->down->rest, loops if rest < 100)
– 1 x noise (white, pink)
– 1 x the common extras, such as Glide/Glide2
– 1 x stereo chorus (global)
– 1 x ping pong delay (global)
– 1 x Bass/Treble booster (global)

25 signal sources, 30+ signal targets, some paths wired internally so that it makes noise even without a single cable attached (think ARP 2600).

– exceptional sync /w FM (VCO1->VCO2, think Virus)
– LFOs that can be used as additional VCOs an vice versa
– exceptional filter sound including convincing self oscillation

Splice Sounds

In Urs’ words ACE is “a conceptual marriage between ARP 2600 and SH-7, with a touch of SynthiA. Soundwise however it’s rather on the aggressive side”.
The GUI with its 3D knobs is impressive as well.
Price: 69 euro (VAT included). Formats: VST on Windows, VST/AU/RTAS on MacOS X.
Availability: December.
For those interested in u-he news, as usual the best place is his KVR forum. But be warned, lots of threads in there, it’s easy to get lost!

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