Elysia mpressor is out


We mentioned the mpressor software version’s upcoming release in one of our recent articles, and we’re glad to see it’s just been released (AU, VST, RTAS, while the TDM version will be released in december).
There’s a 14 days fully functional demo available (iLok is needed).
The plug-in, developed by Brainworx (also makers of the SPL software, and of course of their own highly respected plug-ins), seems to capture very well the original hardware’s features.

The elysia mpressor is known for its “creative” approach to compression (the Auto Fast, the Auto Log, the negative values which can bring new life to the sound envelope, the GR Limit knob, the EQ section, etc.), that makes it a very flexible studio tool, and probably one of the few new “gonna-be-classic” outboard of our times (unfortunately its price tag reflects all this, we’re talking of a 5000$ item).
I don’t usually like to mention artists or producers’ quotes, but here’s a funny one by Michael Brauer, which I think says a lot about the mpressor “…I may not be a rocket scientist but I’m not a moron either, yet it took me three attempts at being explained how the unit worked before the light bulb went on. It’s not because of its complexity but because I’ve never thought about compression this way. The result of how a drum room can be manipulated to create new rhythms, or a piano can shimmer, or how much faster it is than anything else including plugins, is on another level and cannot not be duplicated with any of my other compressors…”.


25% introduction discount until November 30th

293,28 220,00 Euro excl. VAT
(for customers outside the European Union and EU customers outside Germany with VAT number)
349,00 261,80 Euro incl. VAT
(for German customers and EU end customers without VAT number)

We’re gonna explore the mpressor in the next weeks, stay tuned…

Definitely a warm autumn for compressors, isn’t it?

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