Music Hack Day in Berlin: join this tour de force


We’re a bit late on this, but anyway…

From today and until sunday, 18-20th of September, the Music Hack Day comes to Berlin.
What’s a Music Hack Day? “The main goal of the event is for participants to rapidly prototype and build new projects, working through the night to complete and present them the following day. They have only this weekend to conceptualize, build, & present their projects. Hardware meets Software meets Online, all connected via music.”
After previous events in London in July (which brought together 200 participants and 10 companies), developers and music hackers are coming to Berlin this time.

Will we see the next killer music app come out in these days?
Well, there’s a good chance we’ll see some very interesting projects after this tour de force. As the website puts it “this event is about doing & not about just talking. Sessions will be very limited and after that its all about building and realising real products.”

Register on the official website if you want to join this crazy peaceful army, and remember to bring your sleeping bag if you’d like to stay overnight!

Oh, if you’d like to join the companies involved and the sponsors (among them Ableton, NI, Soundcloud, Nokia, De:Bug, Mister Wong, FAW, Cloudspeaker, Tape Tv, Echonest, etc.) you are welcome. The event still needs some financial support, and your karma will be better after that, we swear!

Location: Radialsystem V – Studio B & C

Address: Holzmarktstrasse 33, 10243 Berlin

More on this in the next days…

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