Fatso Synths: Goldbaby meets UBK Fatso

The beloved tape-maniac Goldbaby has released a new sample library, compatible with EXS24 and Kontakt 3.
It’s called FatsoSynths Vol 1 and features samples from five vintage devices: Moog MG-1, Korg Delta, Roland JX3P, Ensoniq ESQ1 and the Yamaha DX100.
Like in previous Goldbaby products, the sounds have been processed with the help of a “sweetening tool”.
In this case it’s the Empirical Lab’s Fatso (Full Analog Tape Simulator & Optimizer), well, actually its modded version recently released by Kush Audio and called UBK Fatso.
For those who don’t know the original hardware, Fatso is a very peculiar harmonic thickening, tape-like saturation, compression/limiter unit. The modded UBK version is born with the intent of creating a collection of new fixed-setting compressors, very easy to use and able to create musical results. This modded unit is creating a lot of buzz on the interweb lately, and it seems it gives great results whatever you throw at it.

Now, how does the library sound? Ok, I’m usually not into synth sample libraries because they look like snapshots, and you lose most of the fun and the instant gratification the hardware gives you.
But there are three reasons to put this new Goldbaby release on the shopping list: on a personal note, I’ve loved to see a a Korg Delta featured here, it’s a synth I’ve spent a couple of years with and I have some nice memories of it.
The second and much more important reason is that these sounds really cut through the mix, much better than many softsynths. Well, you know, the Fatso treatment is the icing on the cake!
The third reason is that, besides several mono and polyphonic presets (some of them show interesting hybrid ensembles of two or more synths) Goldbaby provides customers with the pure oscillators’ samples (also using one cycle of a waveform). This mean you can “turn your software sampler into a synth”, not bad, ah?
Now the only question is: when the volume 2?

Fatso Synths vol 1 is 49$. To read more and buy go here.
To know more about the original Fatso
If you’d like to get a UBK Fatso, well, tell them we sent you!

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