Soundtoys goes VST (and updates TDM – AU as well)


You already know Soundtoys are among our favourites tools to shape the sound. Well, the long awaited VST version is now available, thanks to the latest 3.1 release. This time it seems they really made everyone happy: this release includes a very important compatibility update for Digital Performer 6 users as well as a new version of Speed for Logic Pro users that integrates into Logic’s Time and Pitch Machine (a welcome bonus to an already gorgeous suite, we will test Speed against Izotope’s Radius soon).
The Soundtoys guy, when asked about more “under the hood” changes in this 3.1 release, told us “One really big thing is a change in the way automation is implemented for AU. Logic had a hard time dealing with some of our parameters, especially frequency in FilterFreak. We have now rescaled things to allow Logic to work better”. Good news, isn’t it?

The download page can be a bit deceiving for those bad guys who skip the text and just click on the links: VST users (and potential new TDM and AU users) need to request their demo installer (no iLok required) here, while licensed users can download their installer at the usual page.

Read also the interview with Ken Bodganowicz, Soundtoys’ founder and CEO.

The Soundtoys native bundle in our 2007 Sonic Joy Awards.

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