Probably you know the polish software house d16 for their classic drum-machines emulations.
Their latest product, Devastor, is their first fx plug-in (and their first AU release, too). It’s a Multiband Distortion Unit and it is an enhanced version of the distortion unit from their bass-line synth Phoscyon. Well, if you like to add some colour and dirtiness to your tracks, Devastor is for you. It’s very easy to get good results out of it, on a wide range of sources (synth, bass, percussions, etc.). And in case you need them, the presets are a good starting point (but be careful, some of them have a very high output level, they’d need an optimization).
Probably Devastor won’t replace your super-expensive analog distorsion outboard (if you’re lucky to have one), but it’s definitely one of the best (read: musical) “computer generated” distorsions we’ve heard til now. And you have all the obvious advantages of a plug-in (multiple istances, presets, automation, etc.).
Devastor is not heavy on the cpu, so even if you have not one of the newest machines, use it with confidence (see the screenshot, it’s one istance of Devastor + EVP88, on the good “old” PPC G5 2×2 ghz).

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We won’t bother you with technical details, also because d16 offers an online manual (there you find a pdf version, too).

What we would like to see for the next revision? Besides the presets’ level thing (see above), the knobs’ handling should be improved, sometimes it’s not so easy to catch them and turn them. It would be nice to be able to use the mouse wheel to control them, too. Also, a mix knob could be useful in some cases. But it’s just a 1.0.0 release, I’m sure the guys will listen…
How much is it? Well, we left the price at the end of the article; we could have started saying “hey, it’s only 29 €, you can’t go wrong”, but probably Devastor would have been perceived only as a cheap sounding piece of software. The truth is that with only 29 € you can get one of the most interesting multiband distorsion devices available today. There’s a demo available at d16 website, so you have no excuses!

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Oh, for those waiting for the AU versions of the rest of the d16 catalogue, we’ve some news straight from the horse’s mouth: “We’re still working on those ports, it’s very difficult since we’ve started with VST only and making all our products suitable for both platforms requires lot of work. Anyway, we recently switched to the new programming framework which allows us to write completely transparent code and compile it as AU , VST and RTAS in a future (when we’ll obtain the SDK). First in a row is Nepheton, because it’s one of our latest plug-ins and it’s written in the most flexible way, second one will be Drumazon, but this machine is very similar to Nepheton if it comes to the way how it’s built, so it’ll take very short period of time when Drumazon will appear after Nepheton. Phoscyon requires a more intensive work, this baby will be changed in almost 90% of source code – but it’s understandable, it’s our first plug-in, written in a very monolithic way. That’s the things are going in D16 with AU 🙂 ”

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