Glitch Gumbo vol.1


Tip of the day: if you have 10.99$ (or 7 €) waiting to be spent, before doing anything else have a look at Atypical Audio’s website. You’ll find Glitch Gumbo vol.1, an interesting collection of 66 electronic percussion loops (Apple Loops/Acid ).
It’s top quality stuff, made using Elektron Machinedrum and Monomachine, Max/Msp, Reaktor, etc.
Especially Logic and Garageband users could find Glitch Gumbo very useful, since there’s not so much interesting stuff on the market for this kind of sounds, and even if you’re good at programming beats, it’s always useful to have some more hi-quality and ready-to-use solutions to add to your tracks, isn’t it?
We asked Atypical Audio’s Peter Van Hoesen (electronic musician/dj) to tell us something more about his first software release: “of course, as ‘glitch’ is a main feature of this library you will find this characteristic in most of the loops. The emphasis is on experimental percussion loops – sometimes radically chopped up and dsp-mangled, sometimes on the more funky side. It’s a constant battle between the experimental geek and the funky dj in me, eh eh… The main reason for making this library is that I really enjoy combining sound design with rhythmic production. I’m a very rhythm-oriented producer, always have been. Combining these two aspects and making a fresh-sounding library was my main goal.”
Peter is generous enough to give away 20 free loops (not included in the Glitch Gumbo vol.1) and a couple of Battery3 kits from his free sounds page, so show him some paypal love!
By the way he also told us he’s working on a few new things: “The next download packs will continue along the same lines. There is Glitch Gumbo Vol 2, which will not only include percussion loops but also bass loops and ‘abstract-melodic’ content, so as to offer the user more options to combine sounds into something unique. I’m also working on a library exclusvely produced with sounds from the Elektron Monomachine, Elektron Machinedrum and Korg ER-1. These are my favourite three beat box synths. All patterns are programmed on the machines, then imported into the software domain for further processing. I don’t want to just sample the machines, because that’s not so interesting. The aim is to use these machines and their specific sound as a starting point for further sound design. Both libraries should be finished at the end of April.”

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