The Sonic Joy Awards 2007


The Sonic Joy awards are a selection of software and hardware products that came out in 2007 (so, if you’re asking, that’s why you don’t find stuff like Zebra 2 or Melodyne plug-in) and that we’ve loved. Nothing less and nothing more.
So, here we go with AudioNewsRoom’s Sonic Joy awards. And feel free to add yours!


Soundtoys Native Bundle v3: instant (vintage) smile stuff! We want more!

AudioEase Speakerphone: a unique concept and a brilliant product, a godsend for many…

Splice Rent-to-Own

Sonalksis TBK3: because sometimes you just need one, dirty, knob!

Universal Audio Uad-1 Neve Bundle: another masterpiece from those wizards at UA. It’s great to have some Neve(y) vibes on our DAWs…


Gforce VSM: ladies and gentlemen,the pads-machine!

ProAudioVault BDMO: well, first of all it’s a Bluthner and not the usual Steinway or Bosendorfer. The sound and the added features make it a must-buy!

NI FM8: we loved FM7, so this is easy…

Arturia Jupiter 8: because we would like to see more synths with multi-colour buttons and because Arturia did a good job on this. Too bad it needs a Synchrosoft dongle….

Splice Sounds

monome apps: this award is a sort of tribute to the “collective intelligence” of the monome community, and in particular to mr. monome Brian Crabtree, Stretta and Steve Duda.

Intermorphic noatikl: Koan’s creators are back, and bring new life to generative music.


Yamaha TENORI-ON: because it is a lot of fun, because it will probably help stopping the “checking email on stage” plague with a touch of art, and because it hopefully opens new doors to the mass-production of new musical instruments/interfaces.


Eowave Eobody2 + sensors: controlling and approaching music in alternative ways has never been so easy.

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