NAMM 2008: news pt.2

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It’s NAMM time, so here we go…

synth stuff
Moog had just announced its new MP-201 Multi-Pedal.
The Multi-Pedal is a programmable four channel CV/MIDI foot pedal controller. It has four analog control outputs, MIDI In & Out and USB connectivity (MIDI over USB). It can transmit controller information on up to 4 MIDI channels and CV outputs simultaneously.
Each CV output can be programmed individually. Signals can be foot pedal controlled analog control voltages with +/-5V limits, LFO waveforms or GATE voltages (0V=Off,+5V=ON). In addition, each channel can output MIDI CC’s over specified MIDI channels simultaneously with the analog CV outputs.
Price: n/a

Splice Rent-to-Own

Outboard, mics, etc.
A new product from Anamod, makers of the ATS-1, an hardware tape simulator: AM660 Limiter, single-space 500 series rack format, and yes it’s inspired by “that” beast of the past.
In their words: “The Fairchild 660 limiter is arguably one of the most famous and sought-after compressors ever made. The magical way it adds density and dimension to a track or a mix has been demonstrated on many of the best-sounding records made in the last 50 years.
The AM660 is a faithful recreation of the classic sound and compression profile of the 660, using the AnaMod process to model the complex tube circuitry of the 660 and implement it entirely in the analog domain. Unlike a digital plug-in or processor based outboard gear, there is no latency, and no A/D or D/A conversions to compromise the sound”.
List price: $1295.00


Software, plug-ins, etc.
Italy’s Overloud (we’ve talked about them for their Breverb) is back with a a new guitar amp. What’s different here? Besides the obvious things (several amps modelled, etc.), well, there is an interesting morphing feature between amps, which helps customizing the sound. And there’s a smart control strip, with 8 buttons (controlled via MIDI, too) where user can manipulate the most important sound parameters. The GUI seems very nice and well thought, and that’s a big plus.


Controller, Midi, etc.
A software update and a new small controller from Novation. It’s called Nocturn. This following description comes from a pre-order page:
“Featuring the latest Automap Universal 2.0 software, exclusive to Novation controllers, Nocturn provides automatic, instant and intelligent control of all automatable plug-ins within every major sequencer, including Pro Tools.
Nocturn features eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders, each equipped with a bright eleven-LED ring (ideal for laptop DJ’ing in a dark club environment). These are accompanied by eight user-assignable illuminated buttons and a smooth, professional 45mm cross-fader. The finishing touch is Novation’s unique ‘speed dial’; a touch-sensitive rotary encoder that instantly takes control of whatever your mouse is focused on!
Featuring a revolutionary new ‘heads-up transparent control GUI’, Automap Universal 2.0 places a transparent control map across your computer screen, to be recalled or hidden at will. Little or no user setup is required, and plug-in control can be customized to be laid out just the way you like it, no matter what music software you use. Simply boot up the plug-in, and you’ll see at a glance how the parameters are automatically assigned to each of Nocturn’s controls. An instant click and control ‘learn’ function is also available for quick re-assigning of controls, or for creating your own controller map in seconds. Multiple page options mean that you can assign a potentially infinite number of parameters for each plug-in.
Automap Universal 2.0 also categorises all your control maps. A simple browsing facility lets you review all open plug-ins, then quickly switch to control any one of them. Automap Universal 2.0 also supports standard MIDI protocol, providing the same heads-up display for quick and simple assigning of MIDI parameters. This ensures that Nocturn can also control an external hardware MIDI device, any non-automatable plug-ins, or the mixer page in your sequencer. Once a ‘MIDI map’ is created, it can be saved and recalled via the same map browsing facility. A growing library of maps will be available to download free from Novation’s website.”
Novation Nocturn main features include:
Affordable intelligent tabletop control surface
8+1 touch sensitive rotary encoders with LED ring
8 user-assignable illuminated buttons
45mm crossfader
Automap Universal 2.0 included
Side mounted USB port
Price: £70 (approx. $137 / 95 euro)

Splice Sounds

Guitar stuff, accessories, etc.
There’s a guitar processors for everyone: Waves Audio is introducing their pocket-sized device, the iGTR Personal Guitar Processor. The iGTR at a glance:
Three Virtual Amps: Warm, Normal and Bright. Modulation Effects: Phaser, Tremolo and Wah. Ambience Effects: Reverb, Chorus and Delay
iGTR’s multiple inputs and outputs enable it to act as a preamp and recording effects processor or as an on-the-go tool for playing alone or with friends. Additionally, guitarists can plug an iPod or other mp3 device to jam along with their favorite songs.
The inputs and outputs include:
1/4″ guitar input
Mini stereo auxiliary input (used for mp3 connection or jamming with friends)
Two mini stereo outputs for headphones and speakers

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To be continued (more news about 2008 NAMM…)

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