Mawzer: modular Midi controllers

Existing Midi controllers are not what you’re looking for? Would you like to “build” one that fit your needs?
If so, you coud be interested in the Mawzer M1610 and M3210, a modular midi controller offered by a new french company, Jerash Labs.
Modules with 10 cm. fader, crossfader, pots, buttons and/or other components can be combined individually in the Mawzer 1610 (or in the Mawzer 3210, they differ for the number of standard modules they can hold, 16 vs. 32), exactly in the same way as you would do with a modular system, but this time it’s all about Midi.
The concept is interesting, even if the product is not cheap. The Mawzer 1610 which consists of a flycase to hold 16 standard modules, (includes the front panel with graphical LCD screen, MIDI/USB plugs and a tempo generator) comes at 750 Euro, with modules starting from 51 Euro each.
Not cheap, as told, but, hey, if you need a custom Midi controller, you can probably afford it!

More info at Mawzer’s website.
You can also buy (and probably test it if you’re in Berlin) from Schneiders Buero.

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