Generative music: from Koan to noatikl

Maybe you remember Koan, the generative music engine created by SSEYO in the nineties and used, among others, by Brian Eno in his Generative Music 1 album.
Koan is discontinued since years, but SSEYO’s founders authors are back, under a new brand name, intermorphic, and with two new applications: noatikl and liptikl.
Unsuprisingly, noatikl (pronounced “noh – tickle”) is a generative (MIDI) music engine. From their description: “it creates musical information in the form of MIDI notes, and can also generate and send MIDI controller information to control settings of your favourite synths, FX units and samplers”.
It’s good to see that, while Koan never made it to the Mac platform (Eno was forced to buy a Pc to run it!), noatikl supports both Windows and Os X platforms. And it comes as a standalone app and as a plug-in (VST, DXi and AU, no RTAS at this time).
We love generative music tools, so we’ve just started testing it, and we’ll have a review out in the next days.
There’s also a lyrics generator app, liptikl. It should help in those writer’s block cases or simply to have some fun creating new word associations.
There’s a full 30-days demo for both applications (and some useful video tutorials on the site, too), so there’s plenty of time to test them and decide if they are worth their price.
Prices have been updated since the early announcements, and now for noatikl start from 99$ (non commercial version, standalone or plugin version, on one operating system) up to 189$ to get both versions. If you need it on OS X and Windows you’ll need the dual suite: 249$.
For liptikl: 99$/149$ depending on the number of platforms.
For further details and options, check intermorphic’s web store.