End-of-year Special Offers: vol.2

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Did you read our previous article and do you still have some money to spend? Let’ go on then, it really seems there’s something for everyone in these days…

This time we start with hardware because you could get some interesting deals on synths & co. from Schneiders Buero. Check their “special offers” page, but keep in mind this is not software, so it works on a first come, first served basis (and as long as stock lasts)!

Splice Rent-to-Own

Software Fx
Rtas and Audiosuite user will be glad to know that McDSP is offering a special deal (295$) on its Analogue Channel.

Sample Libraries/Software Instruments
From the english distributor, Time + Space, you can get a nice deal on EZ Drummer (you get an Xpansion Pack of your choice, for free) and on Synthogy’s Ivory (20% off).
Garritan thinks different: a special 72-hours offer, called “Go-Round”. The Garritan Go-Round starts Saturday December 15th, noon PST, and ends December 18th, noon PST.
In their words: ” During the Garritan Go-Round, a Garritan library will be listed at a dramatically low price, each lot in limited quantities. Once the lot is sold out Garritan will offer the next library, until that lot is sold out; with the process repeated until the sale is over on December 18th at noon . The Go-Round for each library lasts an unspecified amount of time a library can sell out in as little as a few minutes (when the limited supply is sold out); or the Go-Round can last hours, prior to bringing the next library up for sale.
Libraries to be offered include Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Concert & Marching Band, Stradivari Solo Violin, Gofriller Cello and there may also be a few additional surprises throughout the 72-hour event.”

Splice Sounds

Utilities, etc.
If you use Logic you probably know Redmatica’s excellent products. There’s a Redmatica grooup buy going on in these days, so be quick if you want to join.

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