End-of-year Special Offers: vol.1

Shopping addict? Well, at AudioNewsRoom we care about your wallet and we’ve selected some of the best offers/promotions currently available in this holiday period (UPDATE: more offers here).
Did you find other interesting offers? Feel free to tell us!

Software Fx
20 seems to be the magic number here: Sonalkis, Urs, Waves, Fabfilter are offering a 20% off on their plugs, so now it’s just a matter of sonic tastes (and customer policies..).
Universal Audio is having an interesting end-of-year sale for its UAD-1 plugs, from 10% up to 50% off. And if you’re already a customer there’s also a coupon for each card you own.
If you’re a Windows user, need a great impulse reverb based VST plug-in and you can’t afford Altiverb, it could be the right moment to get Knufinke’s SIR2. You can save up to 50$.

Sample libraries/Software Instruments
If you want to add some high quality (and rare to find) stuff to your samples library, check out Soniccouture‘s christmas sale, you can save up to 40%.
Nice prices also on Kirk Hunter‘s orchestral libraries, which ship on hard drive (up to 200$ off!).
Vienna Symphonic Library is having a “buy a standard, get an extended” offer on their catalogue: if you buy one of their standard libraries, you get one of the extended libraries for free.
Camel Audio is offering some nice deals on Cameleon 5000 (50% off) and their soundsets (30% off) for Absynth, Massive and Cameleon.
Classic drum-machines’ nostalgia? There’s a 30% off waiting for you, from the d16 group (makers of Nepheton, Drumazon and Phoscyon).
If you’re not into drum-machines and your drummer left you for a trip around the world, you could check Jamstix 2 from Rayzoon, there’s a 20% off on its entire product line.
Last but not least, EastWest is having a special sale on all its products, and the list is really too long to be pasted here. And, yes, the offer features also the latest releases like Fab Four and the Quantum Leap ones.

We’d like this section to be longer, anyway if you want to add a unique tool to your arsenal, Percussa is having a “shipping free” offer on their audiocubes. With their lights they would also be a nice complement to your christmas decorations!

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