TENORI-ON: the first album

It had to happen: just after a few weeks from its launch, we have the first album made with the TENORI-ON. It’s from Norman Fairbanks. He describes the thing as “back to the good old times… just a man and his machine”. The album is called “7 days microsleep” and features 8 tracks, a mix of more or less traditional ambient and electronica.
You can download the free album from Norman’s official site.
Here’s what Normal told us about the TENORI-ON: “I know the Tenori-On since its late prototype stage 2 years ago. There are so many things which make it absolutely unique,… the interface, the fact that its made of magnesium, the vast opportunities to create structures and sequences, the build in sound generation, the sampling option, the battery option to go mobile with your stuff… there are so many great features. Whatever you might have worked with in the past – the Tenori-On is a unique
Who’s gonna be next?

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