TENORI-ON meets Live, via Max/Msp

Kurt “Pyrolator” from Germany is a TENORI-ON owner, and he’s trying to use the TENORI-ON as a controller for Ableton Live (as you can see from the picture).
The User Manual is not helpful about these things, so Kurt decided to go on his own.
He had to face a couple of problems: the devices sends a Midi-Clock (not a Midi-timecode), which, according to Kurt, makes it a little unstable, and it has a delay.
Besides that, he also noticed that the TENORI-ON could only provide 16 Midi-Notes on each Layer.
So he decided to find a workaround, and started the TENORI-ON helper project.
It’s a Max/Msp patch (current version: 0.94) which lets you:

– adjust to Midi-Clock in ms to your DAW; there’s a little drawback: the TENORI-ON has to start on the second beat, then everything works in sync (adjustable for each Midi-Channel).

– change the first 5 Layers as an input for your DAW as follows
Layer1 = Midi-Notes on MIDI Channel1
Layer2 = Velocity for the notes on MIDI channel1
Layer3 = controller on MIDI channel1 to use it for Cutoff-Filter
Layer4 = controller on MIDI channel1 to use it for Resonance
Layer5 = basic remote-functions

– control samples in the gate-mode and there are some basic remote-functions.

He noticed that the full polyphony is not working correctly, so at the moment the MIDI Channel1 works only with up to 4 voices. But as he says, it’s only 0.94!

You can find and download the TENORI-ON helper patch on Kurt’s blog. Feedbacks are welcome…
In the next days we’ll post an in-depth article about the TENORI-ON, featuring also a mini-tutorial to use it with Apple Logic.
Are you a TENORI-ON user and do you want to share your experiences? We’re here 🙂

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