E500 – The First Eurorack Delay From Eventide Is Getting Closer And This Is How It Sounds (VIDEO)

The iconic US company is getting ready to launch its first Eurorack delay, the “very analog” E500.
You can see it (and hear it) in all its glory in the video below, manipulating some delicate evolving synth arpeggios.

Featuring analog filter and feedback (and a whopping 1 minute delay time!), with a unique design that strictly limits the amount of digital circuitry to the bare minimum, the E500 is quite a departure from Eventide’s stompboxes and I’m sure will please the Eurorack crowd.

The E500 should start shipping this Summer. If this sells well, we can probably expect more modular gems from Eventide (a Eurorack version of their Space reverb, anyone?)…

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