Dreadbox Abyss Poly Analog Synth Coming Soon – Official Price And New Pics

Analog vintage sound plus internal effects and polyphonic? If this sounds like the synth of your dreams, we have some more details about the Dreadbox Abyss. It’s a new analog poly synth introduced by the boutique Greek company at NAMM 2017.

The Dreadbox Abyss is a 4 voice analog synthesizer with 4 playing modes (Unison, Polyphony, Chords and Multi-channel) and 1 VCO + 1 Sub oscillator per voice.


While these specs may not seem impressive to some of you at a first glance, the standout features for us are the Wave Shaping Modulator, the Poly Glide and the possibility of setting Vibrato and Glide out of phase plus (obviously) the quality Dreadbox filter and internal effects.

Speaking of the effects section, you get the same ‘dirty sounding’ delay featured on the Erebus, a 4-stage Analog Phase Shifter plus Reflector, a 1024 BBD Delay for Chorus/Flanger or Static Flangers.

The Abyss is a fixed architecture synth and yet it has some interesting features up its sleeve. It offers 2 Analog LFOs with 4 waves each to control the Filter, Reflector, Delay, Phaser, CV Control over Filter, Phaser, Delay and Reflector. The unit features MIDI IN and MIDI Through connections.


Price and Availability
1099 € (no price in US $ or UK £ yet, we’ll update the article as soon as this information becomes available). Available in April 2017. More info on the official website.

Considering it’s a boutique product handcrafted in Greece with unique features, the price is fair. Sure, under $1000 the Abyss would have been a killer item, but even at this price, it will be one the most intriguing synths of the year (especially for those into BOC, dreamy yet edgy sounds). Want to bet?

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Dreadbox Abyss Poly Analog Synth Coming Soon – Official Price And New Pics

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