Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Virtual Instruments & Effects

SoundRadix SurferEQ2

If you are among those who think ‘EQs are all the same, right?’ you might have never heard of SurferEQ from Sound Radix.

SurferEQ follows the pitch of a monophonic instrument or vocal in real-time and can adjust any of its bands accordingly, thus “surfing” the sound waves.

SurferEQ2 enhances those capabilities with control of Surf Time and Pitch Detection settings. It also adds gating features for each band and an external sidechain input which open up whole new worlds of possibilities, allowing you to make parts of your mix interact in interesting and useful ways.

We found SurferEQ2 to be a unique, musical equalizer. It’s definitely worth a try, even if you already have plenty of EQs in your plugin folder.

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