Deluge New Videos: Tutorial, Improvisation and Stranger Things Theme

We covered the Deluge’s launch a few weeks ago, and it looks like this new brilliant all-in-one (synth+sampler+sequencer) is selling like hot cakes. The company just got in touch with us to announce they’ve released a couple more videos and that they have more to come too.

The easiest way to hear about them is to subscribe to Synthstrom Audible’s YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

A short tutorial on how time stretching and pitch shifting work on a Deluge:

A jam on the Stranger Things theme (see our Stranger Things post):

The Deluge being used as an improvisational tool for feedback, noise and texture:

If you happen to be in Wellington (New Zealand) and would like to have a play on a Deluge, the company is holding a little demo event on Wednesday 16th of November at Valhalla on Vivian Street.

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