Back To The Future – The Return Of The Minimoog Model D!

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Grow a moustache, freshen up your parents’ vintage clothes and get ready for the comeback of the year: yes, Moog just announced the return of the Minimoog Model D! Often described as the greatest monophonic synth of all time, the Minimoog Model D (the last version of the series, originally launched in 1969) is well known for its aggressive, rugged bass lines and his funky/creamy melodic leads.

Una foto pubblicata da Kurt Kurasaki (@peff) in data:

For now, it’s only a pilot production run at Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC. Handcrafted in the Moog Pop-Up Factory, the pilot-production units built during the festival will only be available for purchase on-site in the Moog Store by Guitar Center.

The Moog Pop-Up factory is open Thursday through Sunday from 10am-6pm at 312 Blackwell St. Power Plant Gallery – Durham, NC 27701.

No official details on the price yet, but it appears to be $3,499. The unit apparently comes with built-in MIDI and it’s “as true to the original where possible.”

If you can’t visit Durham these days, don’t fret and start saving: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Minimoog Model D back in the stores later this year!

An article about the Minimoog wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Bob Moog himself demonstrating his little masterpiece. Enjoy!

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Back To The Future – The Return Of The Minimoog Model D!

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