Feel the beat: Freestyle… ehm…..

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Well, I’ve asked myself “Do you really want to write about this?”, and after a couple of minutes of internal fights, my evil side of the brain won, so here it is…

Freestyle was introduced a few months ago, but maybe it’s still new for many of you.

Feel free to send me your feedbacks once you get one ;-)

Freestyle is the world’s first wireless music driven vibrator. When its 2.4GHz wireless transmitter is connected to your iPod / iPhone (or any mp3 player for that matter), the vibe will pulsate to your favorite tunes giving you ultimate freedom of movement and motion.
Hook your iPod and the wireless transmitter up to your home speaker system and Freestyle becomes the perfect accessory for partner play. Now you can both listen and feel the grooves of your favorite music…bringing a whole new meaning to “our song”.”

Read more on the product’s page here.

P.s.: I think tagging this article with “hardware, news, utilities, culture” should be appropriate, ah?

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