Leopard-ized: Melodyne and MicroTonic updated

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Celemony’s Melodyne and Soniccharge’s MicroTonic users will be glad to know these apps have been updated and now they are fully Leopard and Logic 8 compatible.
From Celemony: “With these updates, all editions of Melodyne are now compatible with the new Apple Operating System 10.5. The previous limitations regarding ReWire and Melodyne Bridge under Leopard have been lifted. In addition, we have optimized the performance and stability of the program in numerous ways and integrated a problem solution when using Spot-to-Pro-Tools in connection with Pro Tools 7.4. All users will benefit from these improvements – whether using Leopard, Tiger, Win XP or Vista.”
To download the updates login as usual on the Celemony’s website. If you want to know more about the updates, there’s a pdf here.

MicroTonic’s update fixes some problems (multi output and some graphic issues) with Logic 8 and Leopard, and can also be used under Tiger.
But, as Magnus and Fredrik from Soniccharge tell in their email, “If you are not on Mac, we still have something that should hopefully jingle your bells”.
Yes, there’s a new, free, xmas patch package (called XMasTonic2007) downloadable from the official site. Just scroll down and you’ll find it at the bottom of the page.

Read also the interview with Magnus from Soniccharge.

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